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Job Hunting Using Social Media

Many companies have utilized Social Media to capitalize on sales, promotions, engaging customers, even monitoring their competitors. But, another interesting and creative way that people are searching for jobs these days (no, not through the classifieds), but through Social Media. According to a recent article on, posted here, people are “Tweeting” that they “just got laid off” or “looking for employment”, and in turn, because they’ve built an online relationship with their followers over time, they come to the rescue.

Employment Digest suggests on their site, here, to follow recruiters on Twitter because they often post positions directly on their newsfeed. The site also suggests creating a YouTube video that describes the value that you will contribute to a given position and explains why you would be a great candidate. A separate article through Employment Digest, here, goes deeper into how to use these sites, including how to review your online reputation to communicating with the relevant players.

Of course, one should not disregard the traditional methods of job hunting. A mix of the two should increase the chances and hopefully land a job quickly.


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