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Keep It Simple – And, Keep Pushing

Being simple isn’t as easy as it looks. In fact, it’s harder! How do companies excel within this extraordinary world of complexity and so many options to choose from?

Look at companies like Apple and they keep it simple (yet still profitable). Their product lines (iPod, iTouch, iMac, etc) are easy to navigate and understand. Not a lot of extraneous buttons or manuals that take weeks to understand. Their advertisements are simple and to the point. Their “Think Different” campaign in the late 90’s, again, was simple, to the point, and EXTREMELY effective. Their message encompassed radical thinkers, those that stepped beyond their boundaries to produce something spectacular. And, for which the world will always love them for. Bob Dylan, the Dalai Lama, Amelia Earheart, even Steve Jobs himself, all in black & white with the simple tagline of “Think Different”. Everyone gets it. The short video, “Think Different” had simple dialogue and made people yearn to become something better than they were today.

Not that every company needs to model themselves after Apple, but oftentimes less is more. Whether it be product design, advertising, assembly lines or how corporate meetings are run – Keep It Simple.

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Infographics: what the heck are they?

First off, what the heck is an infographic anyway? Wikipedia gives a detailed description here, but basically it provides a visual or graphic way of displaying information. The mind processes images and graphics much faster than words can.

Infographics get straight to the point of any communication if done appropriately. Number 8, along with Big Thunk, recently had an infographic published in Marketing Profs. Part of the original content (prior to infographic) looked something like this:

“Fame – How Influential Are You?

It’s not enough to measure the number of fans, followers, and likes you accumulate. Measure how your contributions are valued. Are you increasing the frequency that your content is retweeted, commented upon, forwarded, posted and pinned? Tools like Klout combine these measures in more into a single influence score.”

Now, take a look at the finalized version: Wouldn’t you agree that it’s easier to comprehend? Not to mention fun?!

If you’re interested in having an infographic built for your business, Number 8 would love to talk further with you.

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