LinkedIn: Ways to Stay Top of Mind

LinkedIn is a great BtoB Social Media tool for professionals looking to connect with one another and keep abreast of workplace changes. Here are a few ways to stay “top of mind” in your profile and remind folks that “hey, I’m here!” in a professional setting:

  1. Post and share insightful articles, especially for those target markets you’re looking to go after. A few times a week is perfect
  2. Engage with your Connections. If they have a Work Anniversary, congratulate them. Or, if you find one of their articles interesting, “Like” it
  3. Join Groups with like-minded individuals – converse with them and provide useful assistance
  4. Make introductions via your 2nd and 3rd degree connections. Be helpful to folks before you need the help yourself!
  5. Make sure that your profile is complete (full bio, education, work history, gave and received recommendations, causes, profile photo). If you click on “View Profile”, on the right hand side it’ll have a Pie Chart with your current strength

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