5 Ideas For Great E-Mail Marketing

1)   Segmentation: Segment your contact lists into clusters – based upon geography, content or what they originally signed up to receive. A mass distributed e-mail works great for generic content such as announcements, but for specific communications, segmentation works best. For example, an advertising image of a 35 year-old woman wearing high heels and drinking chai tea in New York most likely wouldn’t be communicated to a contractor in upstate Maine. In certain circumstances it could work, but most likely not.

2)   Calls to Action: Describe the immediate benefits for your audience. What do you want them to click on? A link, your phone number, instructions for reading the e-mail or information to print out

3)   Provide Value: For either BtoB or BtoC, the reader is looking for value. What’s in it for them? It’s ok to give a shout out to your own company once in awhile, but a reader wants information that will help them sell better or be more informed. Tips, Tricks, Facts are great in addition to sharing your expertise.

4)   Time of Day: It all depends on who you’re e-mailing, however for most communications, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is best between 10AM-2PM.

5)   Subject Lines: Great subject lines can be obtained from magazine covers. For example, in National Geographic’s most recent issue, the title was “What’s Up With The Weather?” Questions are great attention grabbers, especially when tied in with recent current events. They seek to solicit a direct response from the reader. Keeping it short and sweet is good too – 30-40 characters is ideal.

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